Modern Warfare 3's first DLC due in January

Modern Warfare 3's first DLC will release on Xbox 360 at the end of January, Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling told CoD Elite members today. While the exact nature of the content hasn't been revealed yet, Bowling has hinted that rather than the simple standard maps-'n'-weapons loadout, players can expect variety in areas such as Spec Ops missions as well. Having said that, Bowling tweeted a glimpse at some of the DLC's new material today, and it's a Central Park-esque map simply titled Park:

Because of Microsoft/Activision's first-look deal, the download's January 24 date applies only to Xbox 360 players: PC and PS3 players get to wait another couple of weeks for the DLC. What with the game having monopolized players' time since release – and raked in earnings commensurate with such an achievement – we're sure another short stretch of making do with what's on the disc won't be the end of the world.


  • amanda-oslo - December 26, 2011 8:20 a.m.

    just telling you guys.... there is now god mode on cod mw3... pretty sweet.. even works online too.... code here......
  • Pwnz0r3d - December 23, 2011 3:48 p.m.

    Let's just hope this pack is actually worth the $15 it will inevitably cost. The only map pack I ever got was the first one for Blops. And it was a gift; even then I knew that was worth at least $7 tops. A $15 add-on should be a whole new campaign, weapon skins, and that's about it for this game. Even then, depending on how long the campaign may be, that should be $10 at the most. In my eyes, maps should be free. The only thing we should pay for are purely cosmetic items.
  • guillaume-muller - December 22, 2011 5:51 a.m.

    I can tell you the Hanoi map in Black Ops is a real place too (Hỏa Lò Prison in well, Hanoi). Been there!
  • HamsterGutz - December 21, 2011 9:05 p.m.

    And then 4 more just like it and another $60 game.
  • Dman3981 - December 21, 2011 8 p.m.

    Its January 24th for xbox elite players and most likely the 31st for normal xbox players. It should be out for PS3 elite players February 21st and for normal PS3 players the 28th of February.
  • UberNoob - December 21, 2011 5:55 p.m.

    A DLC for a DLC? DLCCEPTION! JK JK. I hate the prices for the DLCs. You pay $15 for 4 extra (video game) maps you play on occasionally. I think $5-or even free-is more reasonable, especially considering YOU MAKE BILLIONS OFF YOU GAMES.
  • UberNoob - December 21, 2011 5:55 p.m.

  • madman725 - December 22, 2011 11:09 a.m.

    That's the point, to make money. No money = No games

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