Mega Man X marks the… vacant Mexican real estate?

Incredibly unofficial Capcom billboards used to promote "Mega Available!" rentals

The sheer amount of our seemingly discarded franchises that remain popular South of the Border never ceases to amaze me. Just last week I had my mind blownbythe baffling announcement of a new theatrical, 3D film starring Hanna-Barbera%26rsquo;s Top Cat, who%26rsquo;s apparently found life-after-Boomerang followinga decade-longstateside irrelevance. Then along comes this billboard, which while considerably less official, is%26hellip; if I may resurrect some freshman year Spanish, *ahem*%26ldquo;muy mucho spectacularios!%26rdquo;

Above: Roughly translates to "Mega Available!" I, for one, very much gusta

These images have been making the rounds onSpanish-speakingblogsfor some time now, but they%26rsquo;ve only just come to my, andmore importantly,Capcom%26rsquo;s attention, very recently. Again%26hellip; there hasn%26rsquo;t been a new Mega Man X game in damn near seven years (give or takea Collection.) Does the %26ldquo;Hombre de Roca Equis%26rdquo; still hold that much sway over the Mexican populace? Hmmm... perhaps Capcom should look into a future ambassadorship before equipping the Gavel Cease-and-Desister Weapon (earned following the defeat of Mega Man X6 boss, Legal Beagle. Know your Mega Man history, folks!)

Feb 28, 2011