Mega Man Star Force 2: Zerker X Saurian & Zerker X Ninja faqs

Mega Man Star Force 2: Zerker X Saurian & Zerker X Ninja Cheats

  • DX Bosses

    Entry location: Use these passcodes on the Omega-Xis screen after pressing select. Press in order as shown to turn SP bosses into DX bosses with more health and stronger attacks.
    DSTELO - AplloFlmDX
    HBFSRG - CancrBubblDX
    BFRGSQ - DrkphntmDX
    FNCODB - GemnSprkDX
    SQBGFR - GenAurgaDX
    GRHBSF - HarpNoteDX
    OSDLTE - HollowDX
    FRGSHB - KngFooKdDX
    DOTELG - PlsioSrfDX
    QFRGSM - QnOphiucaDX
    GODLTE - RogueDX
    TEOLSD - TaurusFireDX
    TEGLOD - TrraCndrDX
    RFSQGB - YtiBlzrdDX
    Submitted by Schmaltzy MacKirby
  • Cipher Maili

    Entry location: Compose a message to Legendary Master Shin and for the title put "Cipher"(<-Exactly like that) & type in the code.
    STRAPOO - AirSpred1*1
    RALETSOEG - Cannon*1
    MegaMan is on the air and coming (enter) to your TV! - General Auriga SP Mega Card
    KREREDZREBNUREHT - Get plasmagun2 battlecard
    OTIBNER - Gives you SrchEye
    KYWSAVE - HP+100/135 Ability
    NDETORHBRBA - HP+50/50
    AXIMSOEG - ImageEye
    OLSISKEYHIUMC - MegCls+1/340
    RIETCARRSAR - PlsmaGun2*1
    DRACELTTAB - RdrMisil1*1
    NKWPEORLI - RdrMisil3
    BRITEINKG - Recover 200
    BEMOCOBST - Recover150
    BRITEINKG - Recover200
    LYGEENRAD - Recover50
    OTIBNER - SrchEye
    WVETMAERAT - SyncHook3*1
    IARENFINURA - Unlocker
    INWOJAODN - White Meteor
    INWOJAODN - WhtMeteor
    Submitted by Schmaltzy MacKirby
  • Legend Cards

    DMBONC - Fuumashipuujin (Green Shinobi'sSpecial Attack)
    HQFSRG - Genocide Blazer (Fire Dinosaur's Special Attack)
    GFRQIA - Summon Legend Card (Ai's Favourite' cards)
    AIQFRG - Summon Legend Card (Akane's Favourite cards)
    RCGIQF - Summon Legend Card (Amachi's Favorite cards)
    DOTNLC - Summon Legend Card (Gonta's Favourite cards)
    IQFRCG - Summon Legend Card (Heiji's Favorite cards)
    FRGAIQ - Summon Legend Card (Ken's Favourite cards)
    CODLTN - Summon Legend Card (Kizamaro's Favourite cards)
    OCLNDR - Summon Legend Card (Luna's Favourite cards)
    LNRDCO - Summon Legend Card (Misora's Favourite cards)
    GRCFQI - Summon Legend Card (Solo's Favourite cards)
    TNCLOD - Summon Legend Card (Tsukasa's Favourite cards)
    PFRHGS - Thunderbolt Blade (Thunder Berzerker's Special Attack)
    Submitted by Izule
  • Auto Forms

    QRICAE - Become Ninja at start of battle
    SLNDPC - Become Rouge with many boosts at start of battle
    IMFCGO - Become Saurian at start of battle
    ICGOSL - Become Tribe King at start of battle
    NIFCDG - Become Zerker at start at start of battle
    Submitted by Izuldure
  • Blank Card Wave Command

    Entry location: Open the Wave Command Editor of a Blank card, input the codes below and the Blank cards will becomes the battle cards.
    RFTEPQ - Aqua +30
    RFTELQ - All Poison
    GEMRQF - Count Bomb
    MBHLPA - Destroy Upper
    TEQPFR - Elec +30
    QFRLTE - Extimeteor
    QFRPTE - Fire +30
    RFTELQ - Get All Poison
    RFTEPQ - Get Aqua + 30
    TAMPBN - Get Burai Sword
    RGSHPA - Get Burai Sword EX
    SGPAHR - Get Burai Sword SP
    GEMRQF - Get Count Bomb
    QFRGSE - Get Crown Thunder
    RFSEGQ - Get Crown Thunder EX
    SEQGFR - Get Crown Thunder SP
    PARHGS - Get Cygnus Wing
    CGSHPA - Get Cygnus Wing EX
    SGPAHC - Get Cygnus Wing SP
    MBHLPA - Get Destroy Hook
    DOTELQ - Get Dragon Sky
    TEQLOD - Get Dragon Sky EX
    QSDLTE - Get Dragon Sky SP
    TEQPFR - Get Elec + 30
    QFRPTE - Get Fire + 30
    MBNPTA - Get Giant Axe
    MQFRGE - Get Green Meteor
    NBTAPM - Get Ice Meteor
    DSPAHM - Get Impack Hook
    DSTELQ - Get Leo Kingdom
    PACHGS - Get Libra Balance
    GOSHPA - Get Libra Balance EX
    TEQLFR - Get Libra Balance SP
    TEQLFD - Get Muramasa Blade
    HBPALM - Get Parazyle Grenade
    MSDHPA - Get Plasma Spread
    LFTEPQ - Get Power Song
    QFDLTE - Get Pulse Noise
    TEQPFL - Get Quake Song
    PAMHSD - Get Search Missile
    PAMLBH - Get Sonoc Sword
    QODLTE - Get Trip Song
    DFTELQ - Get Warrior Brand
    QFRGTE - Get Wolf Forest
    RFTEGQ - Get Wolf Forest EX
    TEQGFR - Get Wolf Forest SP
    QFLPTE - Get Wood + 30
    FQGERM - Get Zetsuen Meteor
    QFRLTE - Get Zetsumetsu Meteor
    MBNPTA - Giant Axe
    MQFRGE - Green Meteor
    NBTAPM - Ice Meteor
    DSPAHM - Impact Hook
    TEQLFD - Muramasa
    HBPALM - Paralyze Grenade
    MSDHPA - PlasmaSprd
    LFTEPQ - Power Song
    QFDLTE - Pulse Noise
    PAMHSD - Search Missile
    PAMLBH - Sonic Blade
    DFTELQ - Warrior Soul
    QFLPTE - Wood +30
    FQGERM - Zetsuen Meteor
    Submitted by Robustus
  • Custom Avatars

    For a helpful guide on how to create custom avatars for your Transer/Star Carrier, we suggest trying this link.
    Submitted by Jak7733

Mega Man Star Force 2: Zerker X Saurian & Zerker X Ninja Unlockables

  • Title Screen Star Marks

    Entry location: Accomplish something in-game to recieve these different icons on your New Game/Continue screen. Getting them all will also result something new to appear on the screen when you start your game. You'll also be able to fight the Xa Version of the Final Boss at the end of the game which has 4000 HP once you obtain Rockman [Megaman] Star, S Comp Star, M Comp Star, G Comp Star, and OoPart Star.

    G Comp Star - Colllect All 5 Giga Class Cards
    M Comp Star - Collect All 42 Mega Class Cards
    Mu Continent Star - Defeat RaMu Xa
    OoPart Star - Defeat ApollonFlame
    Rockman [Megaman] Star - Finish the Main Story
    S Comp Star - Collect All 150 Standard Class Cards
    Submitted by Schmaltzy MacKirby

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Available Platforms: DS
Genre: Action
Published by: Capcom
Developed by: Capcom
Franchise: Mega Man
ESRB Rating:
Everyone: Mild Cartoon Violence


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