Meet The Lesbian Vampires: Carmilla recently spent the day hanging out at a photoshoot with the girls from upcoming Brit schlock-horror movie Lesbian Vampire Killers. Yes, yes. Tough job, someone's gotta do it, etc.

You can see the results of the shoot in the next issue of Total Film Magazine, on sale in all newsagents on Thursday 5 March.

Over the next five days, we'll be presenting exclusive, behind-the-scenes shots of every girl who took part – as well as some extremely cool, Grindhouse-style poster art (see below).

We'll also have (mildly spoilerish) interviews with the girls.

Next up, Silvia Colloca, who plays head vamp Carmilla, on dirty deeds, beating up Mat Horne and being in Van Helsing...


Tell us about your character…

I am the leader of the pack I am the lesbian vampire queen. Top of the rank, I get all my girls to do their dirty deeds.

I look incredibly cool with a fabulous red wig and an amazing costume, and that’s my character.

Does she have a backstory?

I’ve been separated from my long lost love for one century too many, so when I’m resurrected I’m very keen to get back to her, and to get back at the people who have separated us. I’m the villain in a Hammer horror film, so it’s not going to end well.

How were Mat Horne and James Corden to work with?

Fun, Mat is surprisingly really shy. He’s a shy young man, really lovely, incredibly talented.


What was it like to fight him?

I really enjoyed doing the fighting scene with him, he was concerned I’d get hurt, but I’m a tomboy and I was concerned for him (laughs). He’s a gentlemen and I think he’s going to do great. And James is non-stop. What you see in the film is what he is offset. He’s just the most hilarious man, and he’s got a big heart.

For a lot of people, including Mat and James, this is their first movie – did you offer any advice?

No, I think we’re all young and some of us have a little bit more experience than others, but were basically bringing the same energy to the table. [page-break]


What’s your favourite vampire movie?

I did like doing Van Helsing. I think it was the best fun I’ve ever had. I started being Dracula’s bride, and now I’ve worked my way up and I am the Dracula.

Do you like the genre, as a fan?

I do like the genre, there’s something fascinating about vampire mythology. In this case, they’ve named my vampire Carmilla, which is a very legendary female vampire. I do have to say to those fans of the novel, it is just the name we’ve stolen.



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