Medal of Honor: Airborne - hands-on

As for "next-gen-ness," the game looks incredible. Sunlight glints off metal surfaces, bloom lighting seeps between buildings, character animations are dazzlingly realistic and the world is rich and saturated with detail. There's something strangely beautiful about the opening level. The streets of Sicily are bathed in atmospheric orange light and searchlights glitter in the darkness above you. By being more creative with things like lighting, Airborne doesn't look like its rivals or predecessors - it has its own unique visual style, which complements the new approach to level design and combat.

Medal of Honor is back to its best after a lackluster string of PS2 sequels. The open battlefields and non-linear mission structure set it apart from main rival Call of Duty and the balls-out, action-packed shooting is more reminiscent of something like Half-Life than previous games in the series. The best WW2 shooter yet? We're still deciding, but it is the best MoH yet and we're itching to review it. And we will, soon. Watch this space.