Mass Effect galaxy guide

22 Nov, 2007

With Mass Effect's galaxy consisting of so many different systems and planets it's difficult to really know where to start and the sheer cosmic expansivenessness of it all can be somewhat intimidating. But there's no need to cower from the final frontier, because we've got what every intrepid space cadet needs - a galaxy guide.

Over the next few pages you'll find the systems that appear on the Galaxy Map when you first take control of the SS Normandy. You'll find every planet that can be explored (and you'll have to explore each one if you want to find all the collectable plot items), every planet that can be surveyed (easy experience points!) and the location of hidden asteroids. And if you want to embark on some UNC Assignment side-missions, we'll tell you where to find them.

We haven't included the Serpent Nebula as it only contains Citadel, which you're already on when you take charge of the Normandy, or the Exodus Cluster as the planets there are all non-interactive.

On each of the system maps we've labelled planets that can be explored or surveyed in white, and those that are non-interactive in black. And if you'd rather be a tourist than an explorer, why not warp factor five over to our guide to some ofMass Effect's galactic curiosities.

Ready to go? Hit the next page to get started with our guide to Mass Effect's galaxy...