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Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Cheats, Codes & Guides

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Easter Eggs

  • Posters

    When you reach the theater where you have to get the neon Yoshi eggs, enter the theater and you'll see posters of Kirby, Mario and Luigi and some other characters.
    Submitted by Anonymous

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Hints

  • How to Beat Trunkle

    First, get through Teehee Valley. When you get to the end, Peach is under attack by a monster. Before you fight it, save. Have at least 15 mushrooms and 15 syrups. When you fight Trunkle, attack not him, but the tree on his head. Dodge his hand attacks and his suck-in attack. Keep hitting his tree until he dies.
    Submitted by The Gamer
  • Free, Easy Coins

    Requrement: Mini Mario Move, over 25 Hp for Luigi
    Helpfull: High Stash Points

    Make Mario mini. Preform a high jump. Directly before Luigi hits Mario, have Mario jump. He will hit Luigi in the rear. When this happens, you will gain 2 coins, but subtract 2 Hp from Luigi. However, a mushroom costs less then 25 coins, so you gain coins. Plus the higher the Stash, the less they cost.
    (Hint: when Luigi flys into the air, it gives Mario enough time to jump again. And again, and again, and again...)
    Submitted by Shrooboid Jr.
  • Chuckola Reserve

    When you fight the Chuckola Reserve, don't jump on it. If you do it only does one damage. Use your hammer. He will try to block it but then his sheild will go away. When it does, keep hitting him with your hammer. Try to use the bro. powers. They help a lot.
    Submitted by helpful gamer
  • How to Get the Different Beans

    Woo bean: get in battle
    Hoo bean: get on ? blocks
    Chuckle bean: find under ground
    Hee bean: play mini games
    Submitted by lukastothemax
  • Get All Stores!

    Just put in the library, cd store, and cookie shop into the department store spaces and then in 1 month you will be able to get all stores... [You must be in arcade mode]!

    Submitted by Tyler Ellis
  • Restart to Beginning

    If you want to go back to the opening screen while still playing press START + SELECT + A + B. Then you should go back to the title screen!
    Submitted by Ultimate Gamer
  • Learn Hammer technickes

    When you are in the Chuckola Reserve Building (where you are in a maze of barrels) you have to find your way out. once you've dun dis, you have to fight popple, when your done you will have to Find a metal platform near the exit. there also should be a barrel, like in the koopa cRUiseR, you have to push the barrel. Then to frenCh dudz will pop out and will head straight upl. follow them and they'll teach you.
    Submitted by Dr. Mario
  • Burrow Underground

    When you find a suspicious spot, Make Luigi hit Mario with hammer and stand on the spot. If a box with a mark appear on Mario's head, then there is something there for sure,this help when you get the Bean Fruit for the Yoshi theater so the owner would give you 1 of the Starbean piece!
    Submitted by Luat Nguyen
  • Getting the 2nd Hammer

    When you have to go to Tee-Hee Valley you need a better hammer to break a rock in your way. To get this hammer you need to find the Hammerhead Bros. again. They're in the cave east of the weird green statue(the statue is south of the rock blocking your path to Tee-Hee Vally). But to get to the Bros. you need to shock the orb next to the gate blocking your path. After that, just follow the path and you'll find the cave they're in. As soon as you see them they'll upgrade your hammers.
    Submitted by Akito Hayama
  • Easy way to get coins !

    On level one collect 10 coins.After that turn of the game.Turn it back on.Play it and you will have 95 coins. It will only work if you have gameboy SP.
    Submitted by Daniel
  • Defeat Cackletta

    To beat Cakletta you must keep using your Bros. Attack alot!! You must have at leat 10 syrups and 15 mushrooms. She'll attack you with her wing attacks that shoot lightning or she'll send little warp holes at you, just jump over both attacks. She also uses an attack that creates three of her and only one is the real one. When she does it attack her with a jump or hammer. NOT BROS. ATTACK!!! And have Luigi have the school slacks equipment on to let him attack directly after Mario each time. Cackletta will be very hard to beat. It took me ten times to beat her. I counted how much life she has. ( around 300-350 HP)

    P.S. Mario and Luigi should be at least level 14-16 or higher to beat her.
    Submitted by Cheat_God
  • Defeat The Evil Soda Boss

    The evil soda boss (I'm not sure what his exact name is... but he IS a boss made of chuckola cola or something...) is kind of hard to beat. First, use your hammer attacks after awhile, his sheild will break. Now, use your team hammer attacks when/if you run out of points to do this, use your solo hammer attacks. Pretty soon, the boss will shrink in size. Keep going. The guy who brews soda will tell the boss a joke and the boss will gain health. Keep going! Soon, you will defeat the boss. P.S. Dodging his attacks are very easy! Just get your timing right. Good luck! ^_^
    Submitted by Hello Kitty
  • Golden Beanie!

    When you are fighting Beanies, sometime you might find the very rare Golden Beanie, you will know right away because it will have a shinny gold color.I have seen one before and it gave me 4 beans and like 30 coins and a few items,so if you fight it don't run away!!!
    Submitted by Luat Nguyen
  • Fight the Chuckle bean barrow!!!

    When you fight the Chucklebean Baroow,destroy his shield first the after that start hitting it fast,also sometime the owner of it will tell it a jolk to heal a few hit points back!!!!
    Submitted by Luat Nguyen
  • Free Coins and mushrooms

    In Hoohoo Mountains go to the water fountain and make Mario stand in it. He will get fat. Go over to the mysterious object by the water (make Mario in front of it) and do the high jump (L then B) the water will come out of Mario and in the object. A coin or mushroom will pop out.
    Submitted by Elliott Crute
  • Luigi hypnosis

    In little fungitown, after you play the arcade game, Mario catches bean fever, which turns him into a bean if he isn't cured. Unfortunately the doctor is out of the antidote (what are the odds?) peach will ask luigi to go get some crabby grass. Luigi is also told that horrible monsters have also appeared in the crabby grass area. Luigi will become terrified and can't even jump let alone use any thing else. Never fear Kamek is here. Exit the mushroom embassy and go down to the bottom of the area. A toad is standing outside a house. He says that Kamek is obsessed with hypnotizing others. walk in and talk to Kamek, he will hypnotize you into thinking that he is mario! This will let you be able to use your powers.(note:this is intended to be read by gamers who don't explore areas and go straight to the required destination)

    Submitted by kattzman
  • Defeat Queen Bean

    In order to defeat Queen Bean have your HP and BP full by using strup and mushrooms. Queen Bean will attack you with electric shock waves which can easily be dodged by jumping. Begin by focusing in on the left arm of Queen Bean and ue jump attacks to damage it. The arm will eventually shrink to normal size. Queen Bean will begin to attack you by stomping you with one hand which can be countered with your hammer. Also note that the shock waves emitted from her pound attack will travel faster. Next take out the right arm. With both arms outta the way Queen bean will spit lima beans which can be jumped over. If you land on aa the bean will transform into a beanie which will also attack you. At this point use Bros. actions to attack the head of Queen Bean. Once Queen Bean;s arms turn back to abnormal begin this process over. it'll take at least 3-10 attempts of this before she'll give in.
    Submitted by Will Bnd

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Release date: Nov 17 2003 - GBA (US)
Nov 21 2003 - GBA (UK)
Available Platforms: GBA, Game Boy
Genre: Role Playing
Published by: Nintendo
Developed by: Alphadream
Franchise: Mario
ESRB Rating:
PEGI Rating:


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