Lumines II soundtrack revealed

[PSP] Black Eyed Peas and Beck among artists contributing songs and videos to handheld puzzler

When Lumines II arrives on the PSP in November, it won't just improve on the experience of the rhythmic falling-block puzzler Lumines. It'll bring something to the table that no other handheld game has: actual music videos playing in the background during gameplay.

As of press time, the list of confirmed (and potentially distracting) videos includes:

"Black Tambourine" (Beck)
"Pump It" (Black Eyed Peas)
"Star Guitar" (Chemical Brothers)
"Gangster Trippin’" (Fatboy Slim)
"Bottle Rocket" (The Go! Team)
"Hollaback Girl" (Gwen Stefani)
"Born to Lead" (Hoobastank)
"Take My Time" (Junior Senior)
"Lose Control" (Missy Elliott)
…and a yet-to-be-announced title from New Order.

Additionally, two other non-video songs have been confirmed for the soundtrack: Junkie XL's "Breezer" and Stigmato Inc's "Reality Check." And if you loved the first game's soundtrack, relax; Japanese artists Mondo Grosso, Ken Ishii and Techriders are also among the confirmed contributors.

July 18, 2006


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