Lumines II and Every Extend Extra sear the screen

[PSP] Beautiful visuals, addictive gameplay - see it all right now

Most people with PSPs have probably played Lumines by now. The addictive, music-reactive puzzler has become one of the series' most popular games, and also one of its best-regarded. This fall, Lumines II will hit - and that's not all. The same developer responsible for the most puzzling challenge on the PSP is also prepping Every Extend Extra, a bizarrely backwards shooting game in which you're required to blow yourself up.

Both games feature beautifully minimalist graphics, stylish electronic music and addictive gameplay. Take a look at these movies and find out more for yourself:

Lumines II trailer

Every Extend Extra trailer

Above: Every Extend Extra will sizzle your sockets, giving LuminesII a run for its technofantastic money

If you're still hungry for more info, you can check out ourpreview of Every Extend Extraor ourpreview of Lumines IIright now.

May 31, 2006

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