Lost Planet - multiplayer hands-on

The first person to find the rocket-launcher-on-legs (also known as a Vital Suit) was able to murderize any unlucky straggler that happened to wander by. Even with sticky grenades and a very Predator -like, volatile disk weapon, we just couldn't bring this damn thing down. The player inside the Suit (from a rival gaming site, no less) kept hurling missiles our way, demolishing any cover we could find. And that's one of the coolest things about these multiplayer battles - the sheer force of impact. Fire, drifting snow and vision-blurring explosions put you in the action and create a sense of "Go! Go! Go!" like few other 360 games. All seemed lost... until we found an even bigger pair of walking guns.

After deciding a frontal assault wasn't going to work, we started exploring the blown-out environment around us. We just happened to stumble across a pile of snow with some metal sticking out of it - turns out we could bash on the B button here to dig up a Vital Suit that towered over what the competition had found. One rocket-powered jump later, we were bearing down on that pain in the ass with a hail of missiles and six-inch bullets. Boom. Then the fire.

If that wasn't enough, we then hopped out, dismantled the Suit and took its heavy duty gun out for a hot lead walk in the snowy park. This laughably huge cannon dwarfed pretty much everything else on the map, plasma guns included.