LocoRoco for PS3 out next week

LocoRoco Cocoreccho to hit PSN next Thursday for cheap

Sept 12, 2007

LocoRoco Cocoreccho will arrive as part of Sony's PSN update next Thursday (Sept 20)for the bargain price of %26pound;1.99 (UK) or about $4.00 (US)

Why so cheap? Because it's not a fully fledged game like the much-loved PSP title, but an interactive screensaver that, we assume, runs in the background of the PS3's XMB.

As we previously reported, this cut-down version of the game will be a single-player application controlled using the tilt functionality of the SixAxis.

The idea appears to remain the same - you tilt the level (this time by tiling the SixAxis) to gather the little LocoRoco blobs and guide them safely through physics-based obstacles and past blob-eating enemies.

Log onto the PS Store next Thursday with a credit card at the ready.

Above: You'll need a PSP to play the full game

Courtesy of CVG.