Lighthouse illuminates UNDERCOVER

Lighthouse Interactive unveiled the first screens of its spy-thriller UNDERCOVER: Operation Wintersun. Adventure gamers will warm up to Operation Wintersun when they realize that - unlike every other WWII game out there - this game isn’t a shooter.

“Now Adventure game players will have the opportunity to engage in a compelling spy-thriller experience set in historical war-torn European cities including London and Berlin," says Lighthouse Interactive CEO Erik Schreuder. He goes on to promise that Operation Wintersun will allow gamers to experience a world "that has never been explored so deeply in any other Adventure game.”

Developed by DTP Entertainment AG, developers of Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, Operation Wintersun strives for the same high-quality graphics and in-depth gameplay that gamers have come to crave in their adventure games. Players will take the role of Dr. John Russell, a nuclear physicist recruited by MI6 to stop the Nazis from making use of nuclear fission (yes, fission - not fusion). Gameplay features minigames that require wit and stealth (as we expect from James Bond’s HQ), and as you can see from the screenshots, the graphics look pretty promising. 

UNDERCOVER: Operation Wintersun hits shelves on August 28. 

July 17, 2007



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