Leonardo DiCaprio took 90% pay cut to star in J. Edgar

Hollywood heavyweight slashed fee to $2 million

The biggest names in the movie business always command the largest paycheques.

Leonardo DiCaprio has had an extensive and eclectic acting career, with gigantic blockbusters such as Titanic , The Departed and Inception solidifying his status as one of the highest profile figures in the industry.

As a result, his standard fee is a colossal $20 million.

However, for upcoming biopic J. Edgar , Leo opted to settle for a much smaller figure so he wouldn't cripple the production's budget.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, director Clint Eastwood stated that:

"He could have made a lot of money just doing spectacle movies with all kinds of CGI."

"But he wants to vary his career, like I've always looked to vary mine as a director."

The film, which is scheduled for a January release date in the UK, was produced on a relatively minimal $35 million.

DiCaprio made a similar move with Christopher Nolan's Inception , again taking a sizeable pay cut.

However, with that particular film he also took home a percentage of box office earnings, netting him a reported $50 million.