LEGO Rock Band: Yes, it actually exists

WB Interactive to publish plastic brick music sim later this year

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Seriously. It's happening. In what is either the pinnacle of cross-promotion genius or the most hateful indictment of modern gaming imaginable depending on your perspective, Warner Bros. Interactive (publisher of LEGO Batman) has just announced that it is working with TT Games (developer of the same) to bring a LEGOed-up version of Rock Band to 360, PS3 and Wii later this year. Backbone Entertainment will be helping out with a DS version.

Working in partnership with franchise creator Harmonix, TT will apparently be using the plastification of the series to create a more "family-friendly" version, presumably meaning that sweary songs are right out. Though to be fair, watching little LEGO avatars belt out Cradle of Filth would be hilarious. The only songs announced so far are Blur's Song 2, Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas, Boys and Girls by Good Charlotte, Pink's So What, and Europe's perennial drunken wailer, The Final Countdown.

So, opinions? Is the blending of the family-friendly LEGO franchise with the party-favourite music game a clever, natural progression of both franchises? Or is it just unnecessary, casual-baiting overkill? Let us know in the comments, and don't forget to check out all the screens right here.


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