The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword walkthrough

Return to Sealed Grounds Again

When you are done at the Fire Sanctuary, make way to the sky and head for the Sealed Grounds once again. Go and talk to the Old Woman in the temple and lo and behold the Imprisoned will break free again. This time around, you will have the help of Groose to give you a hand. You need to do the same thing as before, hack and slash at the toes of the beast, but this time he moves a little quicker. That’s where Grosse comes in. Groose can fire his catapult at the beast to stun in for a couple seconds. When it is stunned, get in front of it and slash at its piggies. When they are all gone, you will then need to hammer the spike in its forehead. Repeat this three times and the beast will finally go down for good.

Temple of Hylia

If you look at the map, you’ll notice that the Temple of Hylia is the same is the Sealed Grounds. All that happens here is a long scene about just what is happening around these parts and why you have been chasing after Zelda. Kick back and continuously press A until you need to go back through the Time Gate. When you do, Talk to the old woman and talk to Groose and then make your way back to Skyloft.

Skyloft Skies

When you reach Skyloft, go to the academy and talk to the Headmaster in his room. He will tell you about a person named Levias who was lost in the Thunderhead. You will next need to talk to Instructor Owlan and he will tell you that to allow you to enter the Thunderhead, you need to master the spin charge move. He will put you through a test where you need to hit 10 targets in 120 seconds.

There’s no real trick to the test, just keep your cool and try to chain the targets one in to another without spending your time searching all over for them. Once you pass the test, you’ll then need to head out to the Lumpy Pumpkin in the far south of Skyloft. When you enter the tavern, talk to Rusta and he will tell you of a monster that appears in the graveyard at night. He tells you that hitting the tombstone closest to the tree will open a shed door that it goes into. When you are done with him, talk to Pumm and he will whip up a batch of Pumpkin soup for you to take to Levias in the Thunderhead.

Fly to the Thunderhead with the robot in tow and land on the platform that has the rainbow canopy. Once you land, a scene will play and Levias will become seen. Hop off the platform and jump on your bird and follow Levias. You will now need to pop the large eye balls that are on the sides of the beast. Once the eyes are exploded into gooey goodness, you’ll see a little head pop out of Levias’ back. Fly over his back and jump off your bird to land on the platform where the small head is appearing. Now you will have a fight against the Bilcolyte.

This fight is rather simple as all you need to do is swipe at the balls of green goo that the head spits at you. Knock back the balls to the left and right side twice and then hit it dead center when its eyeball widens. When it does, his head will fall down allowing you time to hack and slash at it. Repeat a couple more times and Levias will be back to his normal self. He will then tell you that you need to go and talk to the other dragons of the world; One in Faron Woods, Eldin Volcano, and Lanayru Desert.

Flooded Faron Woods

When you return to the woods to talk to the dragon, you won’t be able to enter the forest from any statue. You’ll need to go to the temple in the Sealed Grounds to find out that something has happened there. However before you are able to find out what, you need to take on the Imprisoned once again. Fight him as per usual, except for the third time when you need to strike the spike in his noodle, you will need to get launched to it and then hammer the spike downwards.

Once you have dealt with the beast for the third time, you will have Groose launch you into the flooded Faron Woods. Head into the cave at the base of the great tree like you did previously and once inside, swim all the way through until you reach the air pocket. Once there, talk to the Water Dragon and she will pull a not-so nice act of blowing apart the part of the Hero Song that you need. There are now groups of notes that you’ll need to gather while swimming under water. There is no rhyme or reason to their placement, but there are two notes that are tricky to get.

One is behind a pile of rocks that you need to have a froak blow up near and another under a lilypad that you will need to turn over by jumping off the tree ledge above the water. The rest of the notes can be picked up easily enough by spinning past them to pull them towards you. Once you have filled the sheet music with all the notes, head back up to the tree and enter the cave in the side of it that you exited out of. Talk to the water dragon and she will fulfill her part of the bargain and give you the part of the song.

Return to Eldin Volcano

Upon your return to the volcano, you’ll notice that some strange stuff seems to be going down. When you land, you’ll wake up in a prison cell. Roll around to break the pots for some health and then pick up the barrel. When you do, Plats, the Mogma will appear from the ground and give you your Digging Mitts. Burrow into the ground and emerge from the other side and if you need it, there is a stool in the hut to the left to rest on. If not, head to the east through the tunnel there and you will run into Plats again. He will tell you about the area and then label your objects on your map.

The first object you can nab is the Gust Bellows, so make your east and sneak past the first guard. Once past him, you’ll need to burrow into the ground and emerge on the other side. Once out, follow the canyon around to the left and hop off the ledge. Burrow again and you will emerge near the chest to the north of the tower there. Grab the bellows and then continue up the cliff ledges behind the watch tower. On the next stretch of path, there will be two guards walking. Sneak up past the first one and use the hut to the left to hide. Sneak past the next one and there will be a hole to burrow into just past him, near the fence. When you emerge, hop down to the chest and get your Clawshots.

Use it on the flying plants right next to you and zoot over to the vines on the far side. Climb up and then hop down to the floating platform and then hop off to the right. Climb up the ledge there and make a left around the corner and zip over to the vines. Climb up and there will be some bomb flowers there that you need to roll towards the watch tower. When it blows up, grab the whip out of the chest and head north to the gate. Whip the plant on the other side of the bars and the plant will rise, allowing you to grapple over. Drop and save and then head to the east where you’ll find some bombs and a destroyable rock wall. Blow up the wall and then there will be another pile of rocks behind it to blow up by rolling a bomb at it.

Ride the now unblocked air spout up and head north through the cave. When you come to the wooden bridge, go halfway across and then hang off the edge and drop off to the floating platform below. Float around the corner, down the slope and then hop off to the right side. Pick up a bomb when a platform is close, and then hop on it and toss the bomb flower at the tower across from you. When it falls over, open the chest for your slingshot. Now grapple back up the slope and make your way left when you reach solid ground. There will be a few enemies here that you need to shoot with the sling shot so you can slip past them to reach the chest behind the watch tower.

Tag the tower guard and then burrow into the hole that the light was on and you will emerge at the chest where your Bomb Bag is located. Now that you have your bomb bag, you can make your way to the Summit entrance on the east side of the map. Blow apart the rock piles and go through and you will see your sword directly in front of you. Make your way to the right and hop over the lava by stepping on the platform that floats by. Go up the stairs and jump to the left. Stab the green bulb and carry it into the next room and flick it into the lava to create a platform. Hop over to the other side and fight the enemies there before opening the chest to grab your pouch which has the rest of you items in it.

Make your way up the ledges directly across from the chest and blow up the rock pile to slide down the slope. Go to the left again and hop across the floating platform one more time and head up the stairs. In the next room, use the hook beetle to hit the two gears on each side of the door and the one to the right on the side you are standing on. When the bridge lowers, run across and talk to the fire dragon inside. Once you have a chat with it, the second part of the song will be yours.