Legend of Zelda becomes a classic 80s romcom

Imagine, if you will, the Legend of Zelda as an 80s high school movie replete with big hair, fingerless gloves, angsty teens, first wave music and a special kind of melodrama usually reserved for greeting cards or grade five love letters. Now imagine your imaginations being imagined by someone with an old fashioned camcorder and a solid understanding of 80s cinema, and (we imagine) it'd look something like this Classic 80s Legend of Zelda Film Trailer.

Above: can almost smell the denim

The video was created by the team at Gamervision, and is a shot for shot tribute to some of the more iconic 80s movie trailers. You can see more of their work at their YouTube channel or you can waste more of your Friday afternoon by watching their previous short, The God of War Indie Movie Trailer, here:

Feb 11, 2011


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