Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom - Monsterama, part 2

Man-on-monster beatdowns continue with another EXCLUSIVE video

As a general rule, if you ever hear the words "flesh golem" in a game, you should prepare to meet something downright horrific. But the Flesh Golems of Kingdom Under Fire look like someone vomited the contents of a graveyard into a huge, man-shaped sausage skin, which is nasty even by the usual standards of flesh golems.

Above: This thing looks kind of generic at first blush, but see if you can tell what kinds of bones make up its face

As you might expect, all that extra flesh and bone makes the Flesh Golems extremely resistant to any physical attacks you can dish out. Worse, their attacks can actually poison you. For all their obscene toughness, however, they do have one glaring weakness: being shot in the heart. Hit a Flesh Golem's love muscle with a gun or bow, and they'll drop to the ground in a strangely cute fashion. Don't let their seeming adorableness stay your hand, however: pound on them while they're down with everything you've got, and maybe you'll end their wretched un-lives. At least wiping them out is rewarding, however, particularly if you're lucky enough to meet a Scorched Flesh Golem, which tends to carry some really nice stuff.


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