King Story

Jan 14, 2008

What would you do if you happened upon a crown that had the power to charm everyone you encountered into doing your bidding? For us, a bunch of X-rated ideas come to mind, but for young Corobo Bred (yes, we know), the main character of the Wii exclusive RPG King Story, the ramifications of him picking up the crown are somewhat more serious.

Appointed king of the village, your task as Master Bred will be to help your tiny settlement grow, which in part you do by wandering round slashing up dragons and other folklore creatures. It seems to have basic RTS features (you’re followed on quests by a horde of admirers), and apparently, the way you play the game has a direct impact on the fortunes of your town.

If you wanted a quote for the box, it’d be something like “it’s Animal Crossing meets Pikmin… to the extreme!” Whatever ‘extreme’ might mean in this context. We’re not quite sure.


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