Just Cause first look

[360] We dive into the game that may make you forget about GTA

Thursday 11 May 2006
At 35 square miles in size, the world of Just Cause could accommodate GTA%26rsquo;s San Andreas, Vice City, Liberty City and still have room to squeeze in The Getaway%26rsquo;s London. It%26rsquo;s huge. And it%26rsquo;s got the all-action clout to fill every inch with exciting and memorable moments. We%26rsquo;ve just ridden shotgun on one mission, and it%26rsquo;s a corker. Here%26rsquo;s how it all happened.

Undercover CIA agent Rico Rodriguez is sent to the fictional - but very Cuban %26ndash; island of San Esperito to help overthrow the corrupt government. In the mission we saw, Rico%26rsquo;s handler had given him orders to locate and assassinate a drug dealer, then steal his identity. Rico carries a great gadget - a harpoon-like tow rope - that he can attach to any vehicle. We watched as Rico speared a passing car and, unfurling his ever-present parachute automatically, drifted along behind it.

Next, Rico trailed his target to an airbase, jumping in a small plane as the drug dealer began to drive away. Once in the air, we saw the %26lsquo;stunt%26rsquo; system in action %26ndash; Rico can jump out onto the wing and even leap from vehicle to vehicle while on the go. It%26rsquo;s brilliant and incredibly stylish. We then watched as Rico let go and started plummeting to Earth, aiming for the target%26rsquo;s vehicle.

Finally, losing his parachute at a safe distance, Rico soared close into the vehicle, shot the tow rope into its bumper and reeled himself in. By forcing his way inside the car he%26rsquo;d finished half the mission already and while completely bypassing the drug dealer%26rsquo;s tooled-up bodyguards. After that, it was a simple matter of driving the car off a cliff and swooping away again with the parachute as Rico%26rsquo;s target plunged to a fiery death. Simple as that.

This is just an average mission and obviously it%26rsquo;s not the only way to achieve your goal. Just Cause is promising the same high-action drive consistently through the different missions, whatever your aim. That sounds seriously exciting. We'll have more on this fantastic title real soon.

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