J.J. Abrams delivers a special Star Wars Day message

You may have noticed from the deluge of May the 4th puns clogging up social media feeds, that yesterday was Star Wars Day.

And to commemorate the occasion, J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan have posted a special video message from the heart of sunny London.

It's less than 30 seconds long, and both Abrams and Kasdan look a little sheepish about the term "Star Wars Day", but it's a nice idea nonetheless…

Take a look at the message, below…

You'll notice that Kasdan says they are still working on the Episode VII script, which is surely at the detail-tweaking stage by now. Abrams also mentions that casting announcements are "ongoing", so expect some more names to be confirmed in the coming weeks.

Directed by Abrams and co-starring Harrison Ford, John Boyega and Adam Driver, Star Wars: Episode VII will open in the UK on 18 December 2015.