Is Braid pretentious? Creator Jonathan Blow answers his critics

‘I don’t think any of my games are pretentious, because I’m not pretending’

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For a pretty little puzzler that costs less than $15, Braid is shockingly divisive. While many love the time-twisting gameplay, ethereal music and deeply philosophical story, a vocal group of gamers dismiss indie developer Jonathan Blow%26rsquo;s claim to fame as %26ldquo;pretentious.%26rdquo;

Why? Every title has haters, of course, but why has that one word become so strongly associated with criticism of Braid? I recently sat down with Jonathan Blow (interview here) to play his new game The Witness (preview here) and discuss his design philosophy. When asked if Braid was pretentious, here%26rsquo;s how he responded:

Jonathan Blow%26rsquo;s next game, The Witness, will release sometime in 2012. For more thoughts and impressions, read ourhands-on previewnow or ourfull interviewwith Blow later today.

Aug 9, 2011


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