Iron Chef America announced

Come see what's cooking

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In the show, contestants are given a special ingredient or theme that%26rsquo;s the basis for 5 dishes they have to cook in 60 minutes. If they can%26rsquo;t finish or their creations taste worse than what the Iron Chef comes up with, they lose.

In Supreme Cuisine, gamers will battle it out in the Iron Chef%26rsquo;s Kitchen Stadium with %26ldquo;fast-paced and intense culinary challenges%26rdquo; making up the core gameplay. Victory leads to a final showdown that determines whose cuisine reigns supreme as the next Iron Chef America. So%26hellip; it%26rsquo;s like Cooking Mama, but with an audience?

Host and martial arts master Mark Dacascos has been confirmed as voice talent but there%26rsquo;s no word on other celebrity chefs that have graced the show appearing in the game. Hopefully Supreme Cuisine will have more to offer than other spin-offs of Japanese game shows - we%26rsquo;re already awarding points for avoiding Shatner. And they were nice enough to name plug us, too:

Check out the full trailerhere.

Mar 10, 2008

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