Insomniac launches free-play Global Resistance promo game

There are exactly twelve bazillion upcoming war-themed shooters competing for the honor of sitting in your disk drive and entertaining you with their yelling and gunfire noises. Many of these have aliens in them. So if you're Insomniac, and seeking to remind people that your title is the one they want to keep their eyes on, do you keep up a constant stream of breathless press releases and clips laden with PR-speak? Or do you realize that given the choice between “advertisements masquerading as information” or “a nice game of Risk,” most people would choose the latter? As should be obvious from the mere existence of this story, you take option B. The result's free-play and online now – here's the trailer.

Global Resistance is a strategy title set within the world of the Resistance games which allows players to take on the role of a commander for the human or Chimera side and capture territories through skillful use of troops and resources. As you can see from the trailer, it's a little bit Risk, a little bit old-school resource-management, a little bit slightly duplicitous clips of the full-featured PS3 games but they are still trying to sell you something, you know, nothing's free in this world. Playing Global Resistance will unlock skins, XP boosts and so forth in Resistance 3, which is really a pretty generous way of saying “please consider buying our PlayStation 3 game” when you think about it. Have you given Global Resistance a go? How do you think it compares to other online campaigns?

Jul 25, 2011


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