Hitman: Sniper challenge guide

Get all your gun upgrades for Hitman: Absolution

Leap of the Ninja

Put the Ninja Out of his Misery

Grants a 1.07 Point Modifier

To find this sneaky fellow, look to the top of the large skyscraper in the background, behind the main building, and zoom in on the right corner. On the corner of the building, you will see the black figure doing his thing.

No Pigeons Were Harmed

Damn pigeons are in the way

Grants a 1.07 Point Modifier

To find the five pigeons that need to be shot for this challenge, aim your scope at these locations.

  1. Directly above the lower gargoyle in between the two buildings.
  2. On the two lights to the right of the merman statue near the lily pond on the left side of the area.
  3. On the scaffolding for the speakers above the banner for the party.
  4. On the corner of the building near the pool — closer to your position.
  5. Immediately to the left of the spotlight that is to the left of the elevator. It will be sitting in a bird bath there.