Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Guide

Uther the Lightbringer, Paladin

The Paladin can heal, buff and shield his minions making him something of a pain in the bum to play against. Silencing minions or clearing them out before they can all start buffing each other with a fervour that would make Daniel-san green with envy is key when facing Uther. When you’re playing as Uther, get buffing!

Essential Cards:


This Paladin-only spell changes the health of all minions to 1. Follow up with Consecration and the enemy minions will be dropping like flies.

Anduin Wrynn, Priest

The focus of the Priest is predominantly on healing and he uses a mixture of light and dark abilities to boost the HP of his minions and cause some serious damage with offensive spells. One strategy is to keep healing and buffing minions until your opponent runs out of cards, then initiate the beat down with dark spells and turning their minions against them.

Essential Cards:

Shadow Word: Pain

Another jolly sounding card that will serve you well in the early game, this spell will destroy a minion with an attack of 3 or less.

Valeera Sanguinar, Rogue

Valeera can play cards on the cheap cheap and some of them cost absolutely diddly squiddle to use. She is one of the few heroes that can use a weapon and she can utilise combo cards for nifty chain attacks.

Essential Cards:


A zero cost card that deals 2 damage to an unscathed minion and therefore ideal for the early game to clear minions off the board at no cost.

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