Harvest Moon

Harvest Moons tend to come in two distinct styles: toil-all-your-working-days, salty sweat flavor; and a milder get-to-know-your-neighbors with moderate farming variety - as seen in the narrative of GameCube’s A Wonderful Life. The Wii-bound Harvest Moon falls into the second category, revealing a tale of natural woe that requires a mix of intensive agriculture and community action to overcome.

Elderly gamers will be relieved to hear that Natsume isn’t bumping off an old fogey as motivation for your arrival. Instead of drawing male/female farmers-to-be with the promise of inheritance, you turn up to see the supposed goddess that resides there and a massive tree she has cultivated. Alas, said goddess has vanished and tree and island are withering. 

Implored by familiar harvest sprites to save the isle, players will be healing disharmony with remote gesture land tendering and fixing social ills to rejuvenate the tree. Now, nothing gets good karma going more than loved-up citizens, so marriage is in the cards. Getting girls hot under the collar is the conceited son of the Mayor, while boys get to woo Mai, who is described, according to our dodgy translation, as “the mouth is bad, but the girl is a cooking favorite.” Bad mouth, good cook? Count us in.


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