Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - hands-on

The most magical entry in the series yet

Playing Rockstar%26rsquo;s Bully made us realize how fun games set in school can be. And also made us wonder why EA has never made free-roaming, school-based Harry Potter games - obviously substituting the cricket bat weapons for magic wands and the bike-stealing with flying brooms. Surely nothing would be better than getting to explore the vast Hogwarts, go to Defense Against the Dark Arts lessons and unleash %26ldquo;Petrificus Totalus%26rdquo; on Professor Snape.

Well, you%26rsquo;re about to find out, because Order of the Phoenix is shaping up to be just that game. EA has painstakingly recreated 75 Hogwarts rooms - everything from the Great Hall to the Owlery and dormitories. And they%26rsquo;re all open for you to explore right from the start, as the game has a free-roaming structure, based around recruiting students into Dumbledore%26rsquo;s Army, the secret society Hermione and Harry have come up with to foil the sinister Professor Umbridge.

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