Halo 3 trailer questions answered

Halo developer Bungie recently hosted a question-and-answer session on its website,, allowing fans to quiz the team about the Halo 3 trailer shown at last week's E3.

Stunning as it was, the teaser trailer didn't reveal much about the third game in the Xbox 360 franchise, simply showing Master Chief standing on top of a mountain while music swelled dramatically.

So take at look at the following list of facts from Bungie, which shed a little more light on the FPS sequel:

• The gun that Master Chief is carrying isn't a standard assault rifle.
• The trailer does show the ruins of New Mombasa, with the Chief looking in from the desert outskirts. The mountain behind him is Kilimanjaro.
• The Covenant is now in control of Earth and has been since the final events of Halo 2.
• A Slipspace jump made in-atmosphere by the Covenant Capital ship could be the cause of the huge canyon.
• The polygon count on Master Chief and the environments hasn't increased massively from Halo 2. A lot of detail is achieved using a combination of "lighting, textures, normals and bump-maps," as Bungie is saving its "polygon budget for other things."
• The game and music will have a darker feel than the previous games.
• The new model of Master Chief is so detailed that you can see the ammo count on his visor if you get close enough.
• All of the sand and smoke effects are from the game engine, as is the incredible draw distance.
• The release of the game will not be related to the release of the Halo film.

May 18, 2006


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