Halo 3 is a love story

Even the single player feels like multiplayer...

Halo's solo campaign and its 16-player death brawls have always felt like totally different experiences, for pretty obvious reasons. But in this newest iteration, the line is miraculously blurred.

We're not referring to the four-slot coop, although that mode does manage to transform a story-driven and solitary affair into a raucous online party. No, we're talking about the single player battlefields that positively surge with life, artificial as it may be.

Enemies behave smartly and unpredictably, pulling off defensive maneuvers you thought only you knew and resorting to kamikaze when the choice actually makes strategic sense. Alien and human vehicles duel on the ground and in the sky, completely separate from your actions, though their weapon fire singes the air all around you. Soldiers fight their own fights and engage in heroism only discovered later through the Saved Films function.

You'll never feel alone, even when you are. See what we mean in the video below.