GTHD is dead - Long live GTHD Concept

Sony’s grand plans for a two-part GT HD, featuring downloadable, hi-def GT4 content on the one hand and an authentic GT5 taster on the other, has bitten the dust. What started as "Vision GT" - a quick ‘n’ dirty demo designed to show off the future - has, via GT HD, become GT HD Concept. Available only as a free 630Mb download from the PlayStation Store, it’s a small, but free, look at how GT looks in glorious high 1080p definition-o-vision. And it’s free. So you can’t really complain. Or can you?

It’s a very small demo - GT HD Concept has one track and ten cars, though completing it (possible in a minimum of ten laps) does open a “tuned” set of the same cars, among other things. It certainly won’t take until 2008 to play, which is when we expect GT5.

But that’s not the point. Some differences are subtle - the even-more sensual handling, the livelier environments - but others hit you in the face. There’s the gorgeously smooth HD looks, which run up to the 1080p maximum. Plus the brand new Drift mode. And the Ferrari. So how excited should you be? Read on for much more…


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