Grifball will be added to Halo 4 multiplayer

According toJoystiqwho was in attendance at a 343 Industries panel, the much-beloved, fan-made Halo multiplayer variant,Grifball, will be an official game mode in Halo 4.

Grifball was introduced by the fan community in Halo 3 when the "Forge" mode allowed for the creation of new types of levels and games. It was not featured at launch, but was eventually patched into Halo: Reach, and will now be available at launch in the latest title.

Grifball is a unique type of game variant created by Burnie Burns of Rooster Teeth, in which two teams attempt to carry a ball or bomb into the enemy base. All players are armed only with energy swords and hammers. So essentially it's futuristic death rugby.