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GRID Cheats

  • Bonus Car Codes

    P47203845 - Aston Martin DBR9
    G29782655 - BMW 320si Gamestation
    M38572343 - PAGANI ZONDA Micromania
    Submitted by Magic Car Extreme Game Player
  • Mega Bonus Cars

    P47203845 - Aston Martin DBR9 Livery
    F93857372 - BMW 320si Buchbinder Livery
    M38572343 - Pagani Zonda Micromania Livery
    G29782655 - WTCC Spec BMW 320si Gamestation Livery
    Submitted by Drive all night in kehoe
  • Ninja Difficulty

    To unlock Ninja Difficulty, get every trophy and complete every head-to-head race in Grid World
    Submitted by
  • Codes

    58396 - All drift cars
    MUS59279 - All muscle cars
    F93857372 - Buchbinder 320si Livery
    M38572343 - Free Pagani Zonda R
    P47203845 - Livery
    G29782655 - Unlock a BMW 320si for Use in Grid World and Raceday. Locked to
    Submitted by Ganthrax, Grid Gamer
  • Unlock All Cheats

    Complete all the global events in 1st place to unlock the final Head 2 Head with Ravenwest. After winning this final race you will unlock all the cheats.
    Submitted by Grid Gamer
  • Cheats!

    Entry location: Options > Cheats
    789520 - Drift Master
    233558 - Everything Unlocked
    657346 - Ghost Car
    401134 - High Roller
    161650 - Invulnerability
    800813 - MM Mode
    831782 - Perfect Grip
    592014 - Toy Cars
    Submitted by Super Smasher

GRID Unlockables

  • Things to Achieve

    1st and 2nd at Global (25) - Get a 2-1 at Global Level
    Airborne (15) - Get the car airborne for 1 second
    Back To Front (10) - Cross the finish line in first place in reverse
    Beat Codies (30) - Beat the developer or anyone who has beaten the developer online
    Car Wreck (5) - Cause insane damage to your car
    City Slicker (20) - Race in every city
    Combo King (20) - Get a x50 Drift Multiplayer
    Corporate Power (10) - Fill all your sponsor slots
    Driver for Hire (10) - Race for a team from every region
    Filthy Rich (25) - Earn enough to buy a brand new Lamborghini Murcielago GTR
    First Wheels (5) - Buy your first car
    First Win! (10) - Win your first race
    First Xbox LIVE Win (10) - Win your first ranked Xbox LIVE race
    Five Xbox LIVE Wins (30) - Win 5 ranked Xbox LIVE races
    Flashback & Win (5) - Use the Flashback feature and win the race
    Full Rep (10) - Earn the full reputation available on EXTREME difficulty
    Gentleman Driver (30) - Win an entire GRID World Event without making contact with other cars
    Global License (20) - Unlock your Global License
    Globe Hopper (30) - Race at every location
    Gotta Drive 'Em All (30) - Drive every car 30 points
    Hard Charger (20) - Win a 12 car race starting from the back of the Grid
    Head 2 Head (30) - Win your first Head 2 Head race
    High Mileage (30) - Drive 750 miles in a single car
    Hire & Fire (10) - Hire a new teammate with a higher rank than your current one
    Hot Lap (20) - Beat the original lap record on any track
    Keep Drifting (10) - Drift your car for 5 seconds
    Keep Rolling (10) - Roll your car 20 times
    Last Man Standing (20) - Be the last survivor of a single player Demolition Derby
    Le Mans Legend (30) - Win a Le Mans 24 Hour race on Pro Mode.
    Le Mans Rookie (15) - Complete your first Le Mans 24 hour race
    Long Haul (40) - Drive a total of 1000 miles
    New Kid on the Block (5) - Complete your first race
    Online Elite (30) - Obtain the 'Elite' rank in the Xbox LIVE game mode.
    Online Legend (50) - Obtain the 'Legend' rank in the Xbox LIVE game mode.
    Power Seller (25) - Sell a car for more than you paid for it
    Record Breaker (10) - Complete a lap of Okatama Grand Circuit in under 90 seconds
    Road Block (10) - Be involved in a 3 car pile-up
    Seasoned Pro (30) - Win all Event Trophies
    Short Haul (30) - Drive a total of 500 miles
    Speed Demon (10) - Reach 200mph in any car in a GRID World race
    Spin & Win (10) - Complete a 360º spin and still win the race
    Stick Shift (10) - Win a race using manual transmission
    Sunday Drivers (30) - Finish a race at least one lap ahead of the rest of the field in GRID World or Race Day
    Team Win (20) - Take your team to win its first Event
    Top of Team Leaderboard (35) - Top the Team Leaderboard
    Top of the Tree (35) - Top the Driver Leaderboard
    Touge King (20) - Win a Touge Event on EXTREME difficulty
    When Will I Be Famous? (20) - Get onto a Hall of Fame Leaderboard
    Winning Streak (15) - Win all races in an Event
    You Again? (20) - Lap an opponent in a 12 car GRID World race
    Submitted by Global Travel Employee
  • 8-Ball DLC Achievments

    Clean Passing (25) - Win a clean race in an 8 Ball Pack car from the back of the pack
    Drift Master (25) - Get a 99x drift combo in an 8 Ball Pack car
    Gas Guzzler (25) - Clock up over 250 miles/400 km in your favourite 8 Ball Pack car
    Jack of All Trades (25) - Win an Xbox LIVE race in each of the 8 Ball Pack cars
    Submitted by sadfsdf

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Release date: Jun 03 2008 - DS, PC, PS3, Xbox 360 (US)
May 30 2008 - DS, PC, PS3, Xbox 360 (UK)
Available Platforms: DS, PC, PS3, Xbox 360
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Published by: Codemasters
Developed by: Firebrand Games, Codemasters
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