Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising - day four

“They’re wearing clothes…” we thought to ourselves with a touch of disappointment, when we saw NPCs in swimsuits patronizing the Aricia city bathhouse in Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising. Where are the hallmarks of Roman indulgence and decadence?

They are still there in Gods and Heroes, but they lie in the buildings, architecture and the game’s gritty mood. And while you won’t find any Caligula-styled sex parties, we did see a wide range of diverse landscapes and areas during our recent tour through the game ranging from fantastical to historically accurate.

Above: You can replenish your favor with your god while visiting the Pantheon in major cities

Moving on through the streets of Aricia, we stopped to pay our respects at the Pantheon. Lined with statues, representing each of the game’s 12 gods, the Pantheon will be an important destination for most players when visiting a major city.

You see, your divine powers – granted to you based on your character’s god – run on god favor. Think of it as the currency you’ll need to spend to use your strongest skills. And while you can replenish your favor through certain quests, you’ll often have to restock your favor by making an offering to the Coactor Sacrum, holy priests who keep watch over the Pantheon.


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