Middle-earth: Shadow of War: How to get the best Legendary gear sets

It's fair to say that the Middle-earth: Shadow of War Legendary gear is the absolute pinnacle when it comes to outfitting Talion in his battle against the forces of evil. Unlike the other classes of items, Legendary weapons, armor, and rings can be upgraded by completing certain milestones as you play through the game. These Legendaries come in sets, and each collection has different bonuses that they grant you depending on how many items from that set you have equipped.

So what's the Middle-earth: Shadow of War best Legendary gear set? That depends on how you like to play the game. We've picked a few of our favorites below, but first, you need to know how to get Legendary gear in the first place.

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Get Legendary gear in chests

In Shadow of War's marketplace, you can purchase chests. Some of them you can buy with the in-game Mirian currency and some are only available for premium Gold currency. The ones that contain gear are called 'Loot Chests', and it's in these you'll find your desired items.

Silver loot chests only have a chance that one of the two items inside will be legendary. Gold loot chests are guaranteed to have at least one Legendary. The best opportunity for Legendary items and the most expensive is the Mithril loot chest which drops four Legendary tier items every time.

Get Legendary gear from Orcs

Another (cheaper) way to get your hands on some high-end loot is to kill some Orcs, specifically Orc captains. When a captain dies, they drop gear equal to their level and tier. So if you kill a Legendary Orc, you're guaranteed to get a Legendary item. The drawback to this is that Legendary Orcs are typically the most potent captains you'll meet, and they're usually more valuable to you alive than dead. However, if you're up to your neck in Legendary Orcs, or you simply don't care, you can carve one up for a Legendary loot drop.

Unfortunately, it is possible to obtain duplicates of the same item, so if you're trying to get a complete set, it might take a while. Additionally, there are two sets of Legendary gear you can only get by completing specific tasks: Ringwraith and Bright Lord. These won't spawn at random, and you just get them once per game.

The best gear for beast lovers: Feral Legendary set

For those that love to ride into battle on the backs of beasts, the Feral Legendary set is a must-have. When you equip two pieces, you'll get the ability to Shadow Mount unbroken Graugs, and four pieces will give you the power to Shadow Mount unbroken Drakes. Imagine, instead of getting annoyed every time a wild Graug or Drake interrupts a battle you can be elated at the prospect of a new ally without having to go through the trouble of breaking them. 

The best gear for dominating Orcs: Mystic Legendary set

If you find yourself dominating every Orc you come to; you'll want to equip the Mystic Legendary set. When you don two pieces of this Legendary equipment, your dominated grunts will take half the damage they usually do. With four pieces equipped you up the ante even more by giving your soldiers Cursed weapons. This set of gear can take your lesser warriors from cannon fodder status to having a good chance of killing enemy captains.

The best gear for wrath abilities: Bright Lord Legendary set

Wrath abilities are some of the most powerful in the game. You can execute enemies in an instant, or create an explosion of tremendous power around you. It takes so long to charge though, doesn't it? Well, with at least two pieces of Bright Lord gear equipped you'll only have to wait half the time it usually takes to fill the Wrath gauge. Four pieces will give you the bonus of replenishing your Elf-shot when you kill one or more enemies during Elven Rage.

To get the Bright Lord Legendary Set you'll need to unlock all the Ithildin Doors as well as complete all of the 'Shadows of the Past' quests.

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