Gaming's hidden messages

In the E3 2007 trailer for Halo 3, people saw strange, text-like shapes around the Bungie logo at the end, just before it fades and immediately set about deciphering it. Obsessively. After all, it’s clearly of massive importance – why else would they put it in? Have a look - it's right at the end.

Or, to save you time, here's a screengrab we took from the trailer:

Is that a 'C'? An 'A'? Look, there’s nothing there. In any of the frames. Seriously, nothing. Just look at the difference in the supposed messages people see (itself great for a study of what people want to see):

“The Chosen One.” (Okay, possible)
“You choose the ending.” (Maybe)
“Chief C1-7 8x6” (Aha! Of course! 6x8? Why, 48 rounds is enough to deplete a fully charged shield and kill Master Chief!)
“The Choice was there.” (Why would they tell us that?)
“The Chosen One, Marathon continues.” (Got a lot out of that one)
“Cheif is not dead” (yes, obviously Bungie would spell ‘Chief’ wrong) “LvUrFR3NZ” (Stop being so silly - it doesn't say that, does it?)

But the author of one of the in-depth YouTube videos, TheHierarchs, cleared it all up with this blindingly obvious answer:

Our advice? Look long and hard at what you just said. Our favourite comment underneath all the speculation has to be: “you mother ******* retards you realy dont know what it says”. Megalolz.