GamesRadar's Biggest Guides of 09

Assassin's Creed 2, Batman, Modern Warfare 2 and more – we help you track down every doodad you need for 100%

A guide to guides: it%26rsquo;s like a wiki for a dictionary, or GPS for a map. Think of this as more of a best of the best for GamesRadar%26rsquo;s 2009 guides, cheats and hints. Here, you%26rsquo;ll find help for everything from collecting feathers while assassinating Renaissance-era noblemen, to lugging around dozens of laptops while murdering a small platoon of Russians.

Don%26rsquo;t see what you want? We have a hoard of guides, codes and cheats over on CheatPlanet. Having found your way to this, a bona fide site on the internet, we assume you can use thesearch/browse function, so we%26rsquo;ll just remind you it%26rsquo;s the best way to find what you%26rsquo;re looking for. As always, if you%26rsquo;ve got some cheats, FAQs or tips we%26rsquo;re missing, feel free to submit themright here.

WARNING! It should go without saying, but some of these guides contain spoilers of varying degrees, so if you don%26rsquo;t want to know that Snape kills Aerith, steer clear for now.


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