GamesRadar's Anti-awards 2006

Winner: Over G Fighters
Ubisoft |Xbox 360

There's nothing like the slow, lurching crawl of a supersonic jet fighter to really rattle your nerves. Hey, wait... why are these planes all handling like hot air balloons? Why are the co-pilots useless and repeat the same three lines of dialogue all the time? What is that damn beeping noise? Can't this thing go any faster? It's an F-15 Eagle for crying out loud. Cities should be falling and enemy pilots need to be begging for their lives, right? Sweet crap! Why is everything moving so slowly? The only goal in this mission is to shoot down two jets and it's taking forever just to creep up to their position. That's after the long, arduous take-off preparations just to get into the damn sky.

So that awful beeping sound is still blaring. It sounds like a radar lock but there's no way to really tell. Oh wait, is that one of the other jets? Maybe... if the plane... would move... to the left... come on! Get into position! Move, damn it! Why is everything turning red? Is that supposed to be blood rushing to the brain from the G-forces? It's blocking everything! That effing noise is so irritating!

This crap should have stayed in Japan.

Collateral Damage: Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire
Namco Bandai |PlayStation 3

In Japan, Gundam games are cash-ins. Millions of people love the show. Here... it's maybe thousands. So stop putting out the games that are going to make anyone who buys them hate Gundam, K?