Game of Thrones season 8 gets a new cast member… which might shoot down a big fan theory

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With so many characters rotting in a shallow grave somewhere, it’s no real surprise that Game of Thrones season 8 is already making moves to add some fresh faces. However, if you’ve been following the flourish of fan theories that seem to turn up everywhere, this brand-new cast member might carry a bit more importance than your normal big arrival... Potential spoilers follow.

Watchers on the Wall have lifted the lid on the new guy: German actor Marc Rissmann – according to his now-deleted Spotlight CV - will be rocking up in Thrones playing the role of Harry Strickland.

You’d be forgiven for not knowing the name, but book vets might be stroking their chins and nodding right about now. Harry Strickland is the name of the leader of the mercenary group The Golden Company - that’s the group of fighters Daario originally belonged to until he team-up with the Mother of Dragons. As for that fan theory? Many suggested, in a big ol’ plot twist, that the leader of the group would turn out to be Daenerys’s ex-lover suggesting that he betrays Dany after she left him behind in season 6 (h/t Digital Spy).

Euron, of course, has set out in search of The Golden Company to swell the Lannisters’ ranks, but it looks like this casting announcement confirms Daario won’t be teaming up with Cersei. Ah well, Dany still has a few current friends who could turn into foes... *stares at Tyrion*

That’s not to say Daario won’t show his mug anytime soon. That’s one plot thread that has been left dangling teasingly since way back when, but there’s only so much time left.

Image: HBO