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August 20, 2010

Game: Mirror%26rsquo;s Edge
Song: Still Alive
Composers: Lisa Miskovsky, Arnthor Birgisson and Rami Yacoub

Any type of game music can be worthwhile, and those that experienced the entire soundtrack to the amazing and amazingly underplayed Mirror%26rsquo;s Edge know how great its ambient, electronic soundscapes were. But in my old age (27 going on 60) I might hear the music as I%26rsquo;m playing, but I don%26rsquo;t really listen. No, I%26rsquo;m too busy getting angry at some puzzle or mentally composing my grocery list. However, once a game reaches its climax I%26rsquo;m all ears, which is when I heard and listened to Still Alive, the magnificent ending theme to Mirror%26rsquo;s Edge.

Swedish developers EA DICE tapped Lisa Miskovsky, a Swedish singer, to sing the stirring melody over the game%26rsquo;s credits. Lisa%26rsquo;s previous claim to fame in the English-speaking world was co-writing the song Shape of My Heart for the Backstreet Boys, which I%26rsquo;m sure is in your iPod playlist at all times. When Still Alive hit in 2008 it was a modest hit on both the Swedish and UK charts.

Above: Here%26rsquo;s the ending for those too lazy to enjoy something awesome *SPOILERS*

The game%26rsquo;s sweet ending, including the only first-person hugging I can recall, was made all the sweeter by the song, reminding the player that protagonist Faith had survived her terrible ordeal. It also made a nice compliment to one of the too few major games with a female star being wrapped up with a ballad by a strong woman. And lastly, you%26rsquo;ve got to give DICE credit for having the balls to create an ending song called Still Alive for a first-person game less than a year after Portal.

Aug 20, 2010

Oh, what?! You forgot about 2008%26rsquo;s Prince of Persia!?

Listen carefully - you're hearing one of the worst game tracks ever created

Cheesy space music full of indie awesome


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