Gael Garcia Bernal playing boxer Roberto Duran

Gael Garcia Bernal

Al Pacino and Gael Garcia Bernal are set to enter the ring for boxing biopic Hands of Stone .

Bernal is being tipped to play boxer Roberto Duran, who donned the gloves from the time he was a teenager until he was 50, and earned himself the nickname Manos de piedra (literally ‘hands of stone’).

Meanwhile, Pacino would play Duran’s trainer Ray Arcel.

Director/writer Jonathan Jakubowicz, who is currently shooting Southbound with Eva Mendes and Matthew McConaughey, has confirmed that the film will revolve around the famous No Más (‘no more’) fight, which Duran forfeited during the eighth round.

“The infamous ‘ No Más’ fight is the biggest enigma in the history of boxing,” says Jakubowicz. “This movie will answer that enigma.”