Full Auto 2 - hands-on

We’re back from the love tryst-sounding “Sega Loves Your PSP” day with our first hands-on impressions of the PSP’s new racing-blow-upathon hybrid, Full Auto 2: Battlelines. If you remember from our previous coverage, Full Auto 2 for the PSP isn’t a straight port from the PS3 version. Instead, Deep Fried Entertainment gets brownie points by building the game from the ground up and using the PS3 Full Auto sequel as a basis.

There’s the standard Career mode where you race and cause property damage to three districts - Americas, Asia and Europe - while satisfying a certain number of objectives, like say ramming a bus five times before crossing the finish line. Blow your way through a number of races and tackle the boss at the end of the section. But if you’re looking for a purer arcade experience without all that “story,” then Event Attack mode lets you earn medals in all those Career races.

What you really want to know about is how to blow your friends to pieces, right? In addition to the fifteen cars you’ll tear shit up in, you have access to front, rear and side-mounted weapons - mortars, missiles, M16’s - all enough to get your license revoked. But what’ll get you past that finish line are the Destruction Matters events.


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