Freddy Krueger available today in Mortal Kombat, trailer tells his ridiculous story

As we reported a few weeks back, Nightmare on Elm Street’s Freddy is making his way into the most recent Mortal Kombat, bring with him unique moves, fatalities, and even his own ending to the arcade ladder. While we knew the when (today) and the how much (400 points/$4.99), one question remained unanswered: how could the Mortal Kombat team fit Freddy Krueger into the game’s extremely strict mythos? Thanks to a new trailer, we have the answer we’ve been waiting for, and it’s just as ludicrous, silly, and ridiculous as we ever could have hoped for.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen; Freddy pulled Shao Kahn into the dream world and challenged him to a battle, and then Shao Kahn ripped Freddy out of the dream world in order to make him mortal. Now, Freddy needs to fight his way past ninjas, four-armed freaks, and guys with metal arms if he wants to best Shao Kahn in battle and be allowed back into the dream world, where he can resume his torturing of the children whose parents are too stupid to move away from Elm Street. Nope, we didn’t make any of that up. Don’t think we could have if we tried.

For as silly as the origin sounds, Freddy really does make for a phenomenal addition to the Mortal Kombat cast—must better than the DC Universe crew that had their go in the Netherrealm a few years back. To be honest, we don’t really care all that much about the story when it comes to DLC characters; we’d just rather some awesome additions from WB’s stable of classic films make their way in, plot be damned. We could totally see Beetlejuice being thrown into the ring, or Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist. What about Michael Emerson from The Lost Boys? Seriously, we’re ready to drop some major cash to rip out Jason Patric’s still-beating heart and smash it in front of his eyes. We’ve been dreaming about doing that since 1987.

Aug 8, 2011


  • JLThatshilarious - August 9, 2011 3:04 p.m.

  • UsernameLoser - August 9, 2011 2:48 a.m.

    I wish MK would actually run on my 360 to find an excuse to download this. My 360 scratched my entire disc, so I can't even install it.
  • bass88 - August 9, 2011 12:34 a.m.

    I wish they went with the Robert Englund version of Freddy. I'd rather not be reminded of ironically sleep-inducing remake ever again.
  • Bitchslapthehomeless - August 9, 2011 12:11 a.m.

    Just to keep from confusing people, he's available tomorrow on Aug 9, not today the 8.
  • luckyseven - August 8, 2011 11:32 p.m.

    Man Ash Williams from evil dead NEEDS to be in this.. Who the hell owns the rights to evil dead?
  • FauxFurry - August 8, 2011 11:28 p.m.

    I was hoping that, in Freddy's play through, he attacks everybody from the dream realm, closing the whole thing out with Shao Khan being found dead in his bed, essentially scared to death by a guy with razor gloves and a burned face even though he lives in a world with an undead fire-breathing ninja, invisible reptile assassins and gigantic four-armed monster men plus he commands a race of people with blades growing out of their forearms. Kenshiro or Raoh from Fist of the North Star should show up next. They practically invented the Fatality then ran through nearly every possible every single battle that they've ever fought in! I'd even settle for Jagi so long as one of the Hokuto brothers make it into the game somehow.
  • Redeater - August 8, 2011 10:37 p.m.

    @Hollander Cooper "extremely strict mythos"??? I really hope you were being sarcastic because if not you have a lot of brushing up to do. Hell, the Zelda series almost make more sense then the MK series. That being said it's England or nothing for me.
  • jackthemenace - August 8, 2011 9:23 p.m.

    Man, I wish I'd bought this! Freddy Krueger + MK sounds so awesome. I'd love to get to play as him
  • Boonehams - August 8, 2011 9:22 p.m.

    It's interesting to think about what non-MK Universe crossover DLC characters could make it into the new Mortal Kombat game. With Freddy Krueger in, it opens some doors, especially if he sells well. That said, you'd have to bear in mind that the rights holders to the characters would have to be willing to see their creation get disemboweled by demons and ninjas, and the character would have to be either a villain or an anti-hero, since I don't think people want to see heroes killed. For example, I doubt the Bob Kane estate or DC comics would like seeing Batman laterally bisected by Baraka. Keeping all that in mind, you can see some potential characters in the list of Warner Bros. properties. Jason Vorhees, Beetlejuice, The Terminator, Leatherface or even some of the Gremlins all MIGHT work. Maybe.
  • eternal85_gamesradar - August 8, 2011 9:11 p.m.

    Not to downplay the fact that I love horror movies and I am a big fan of the Krug, but seriously, I thought this reboot was going to remove all the "nonsense" from MK? I understand that DLC can be a bit of a sandbox for developers being they don't have to charge for a full game, but come on? Freddy? In MK? .... I'm torn a bit, I am willing to try him and and I'm sure he is a great character .... I just hope this isn't a return to the nonsense that tainted MK after MK3 came along
  • YuGiOhisbetterthanMagic - August 8, 2011 8:42 p.m.

    Huh... Actually, that kinda makes sense. I mean, if i was nightmare fueled soul collector, i would be a sidgion pissed about some asshat hijacking all of the souls in the world. certainly less tacky than Skarlets back story.
  • iluvpkmnmonday - August 8, 2011 8:38 p.m.

    If this cross over had happened back in the MK2/3 days my Elementary school brain my have very well imploded.
  • TheCakeIsaPie - August 8, 2011 8:28 p.m.

    Statistically speaking, it's probably Nolan North.
  • CommandantOreo - August 8, 2011 8:23 p.m.

    Who voices him? Englund?

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