Flash game Steambirds comes to Android phones

Even though you can actually play free online Flash games with the web browser in newer Android phones, the team behind cult hit Steambirds has made the game available as a fully-featured download on the Android Market.

Like most online browser games, Steambirds is pretty simple in concept but addictive in execution. The goal is to use airborne weapons to shoot down colorful enemy planes. Make it through all 20 missions and you win the game. It sounds tougher than it is, and the levels get progressively harder.

Steambirds is also available for the iPhone, which has no support for Flash media. The game is priced at 99 cents.

Steambird's developers promise to deliver more levels to the mobile version of the game if it sells well. Check it out now on the Android Market, or, if you have Android 2.2 installed (or just want to play it from a regular computer), you can try it for free right here, though it's not likely to run as well as the app.

[Source: Pocket-Gamer]

Nov 11, 2010




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