FIFA 08 360/PS3 developer blog #5

Oct 2, 2007

Joe Booth, FIFA 08 (PS3, Xbox 360) Lead Producer
Creating and maintaining our FIFA 08 database is an enormous undertaking that requires coordinating researchers all over the world and organizing their information. This year FIFA 08 will has 30 leagues, more than 570 teams and more than 15,000 players – this represents more leagues, teams and players than all other EA SPORTS games combined.

In addition, a lot of player transfers happen during the first transfer window. This takes place right when we are finalising our game, so our database researchers work round the clock during this period to make sure we capture every single transfer. Last year in FIFA 07 we provided two downloadable database updates: one in September and another one in February, following the closure of the transfer windows.

This was the first time EA SPORTS has been able to update the content of one of its sports titles in the middle of the season and this new approach has enabled us to make a more realistic playing game. To give you some numbers: between September 2006 and February 2007, there were 75,000 player database updates and more than 4,300 transfers in the database.

Michael Müller-Möhring, FIFA 08 Football Data Manager

The FIFA 08 database team is based in Vancouver, Canada where the FIFA franchise is developed for EA SPORTS, but we have a community of database researchers stationed all over the world. The majority of the data is entered by these experts living in these countries. Our database researchers watch live football games to evaluate and rate the skills and abilities of each player. They also rely on television, internet, magazines and newspapers for information. As a team we then review all of the player ratings to make sure player attributes are as authentic and realistic as possible.

Every team and league in FIFA 08 is represented by at least one football expert working for EA SPORTS. Currently there are approximately 500 editors from Sweden, Argentina, Germany, Turkey, Czech Republic, Mexico, Switzerland, Scotland, South Africa, etc. working on collecting accurate data.  We have about 20 researchers scouting and evaluating players just from the Spanish leagues. Our community of database researchers is constantly expanding and the database team is always looking for knowledgeable football supporters who would like to join our community. Anyone can apply by going to this website:

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