Far Cry 3 Multiplayer beta coming this summer

Looking to get some hands-on with Far Cry 3’s multiplayer action? You’re in luck. Today, Ubisoft announced plans to release a two-week Far Cry 3 multiplayer beta this summer. The beta, which will put up to 16 simultaneous players per match, will give players a taste of the game’s online mode and maps. Six classes will be playable and players will have access to dozens of different weapons. Ubisoft says that the beta will give players the opportunity to customize and upgrade their weapons, as well as giving testers a chance to experience the teamplay-focused experience.

The beta looks to show off a number of the game’s unique gameplay elements, including zip-lining, combat sliding, barrel bombs, psyche gas, and other things not typically found in your average Halo 3 match.

The multiplayer beta is invitation only, however, meaning you’re going to need to jump through a few hoops. Gamestop will be providing invitational code for PowerUp Rewards members, who will receive a code when they purchase a copy of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Solider.

If you don’t feel like buying Ghost Recon or giving GameStop any money, you’ll have another option: praying you win a code from Facebook. Ubisoft will be giving out five hundred beta codes Facebook to people who "Like" their page. Simply hit the Like button, cross your fingers and hope that you get an email notification once the beta launches. Otherwise you’ll just need to wait for the game to release on September 4, 2012.


Far Cry 3


  • RedHarlow - May 17, 2012 11:34 p.m.

    Anyone remember Farcry 2 multiplayer? That's because no one played it. It was terrible, and dead on arrival. Not to mention about 6 trophies were multiplayer.
  • usmovers_02 - May 18, 2012 2:43 a.m.

    Except for all the people that played it and STILL play it... And just because the MP in a previous installment "sucked" doesn't mean the sequel will suck too. That's the whole point of sequels... to improve upon the previous installment.

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