E3 2010: InFamous 2 trailer looks sweet in the flesh

We saw it on the big screen, now it's here to pore over

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We caught our first look at Sucker Punch'sInFamous 2 during Sony's E3 presentation yesterday. But while it's all well and good seeing it projected onto a massive screen,you want to see it pixel for pixel, right? Well, now you can - it's right here, right now.

Looks like the sequel will giveus a more atmospheric city as our playground of destruction.Then there's the fact Cole's hands are looking extra zappy these days, which will allow him to charge items and use them as weapons - and summon an 'ionic vortex' like this:

Above: Yep, that looks fun. Nothing beats an ionic vortex, right kids?

How excited are you about InFamous 2? Let us know in the comments.

16 Jun, 2010


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