Here's three new trailers for Dynasty Warriors Next, the PlayStation Vita rebirth of Koei's long-running Three Kingdoms-inspired series. There's also plenty of new screenshots showing the title's take on Chinese folk history, which turns out to be unsurprisingly similar to previous Dynasty titles' interpretation of same. Only now, you'll be able to touch them to make them hit people.

Dynasty Warriors Next hasn't been confirmed for a US release yet, but the title will be coming to European players on Feb 22. The new game answers charges of repetition by incorporating a wealth of new game modes, controls that utilize the Vita's unique input options, and the inclusion of godlike heroes capable of sending hundreds of soldiers to their maker before suppertime. Yes, that's kind of the hook we've seen before. But really, if one is tired of ridiculously overblown battlefield violence, he is truly tired of life. Check out our most recent hands-on video demo of Dynasty Warriors Next for a closer look at the PS Vita title.


  • R-ape - January 6, 2012 3:16 p.m.

    PS Vita battler? Or PS Vita one-sider? Either way, the screens look nice enough. Might tune in for some gameplay later on.

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