Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai Another Road - hands-on

Another Road, as it turns out, takes place in an alternate future, specifically the one inhabited by Future Trunks. For non-fans, here's the short version: in one of the DBZ story arcs, Trunks, the teenage son of two characters, came back from a post-apocalyptic future, Terminator-style, to prevent the apocalypse from happening. Another Road looks at what might have happened in that future if he hadn't come back, telling the story of his fight against the demonic Majin Buu.

Despite the alternate timeline, old favorites like Vegeta and Goku are still flying around and kicking ass in Another Road, so fans shouldn't have much to complain about on that front.

The story and action are backed up with a wealth of game modes, including three separate "Z Trial" challenge modes, a non-story arcade mode and the obligatory ad-hoc mode to enable you to get your space-karate on with a friend. Expect this one to hit stores, high-flying battles and all, on March 20.