Sponsored: Dishonored trailer dissection

In Dunwall, there is a huge rich/poor divide and nowhere is this more evident than in the next scene, when this snooty aristocrat orders his chauffeur to drive over the charred remains of the fallen peasants. You could cut the disdain in the air with a knife.

We're not sure who the fop in the car is, but he's almost certainly party to the wide-scale governmental corruption which has torn Dunwall apart, and that alone is enough to make Corvo feel a bit 'stabby'. Our man watches the count's movements from a nearby rooftop and prepares to give chase.

But first, it's time to suit up. This unsightly mask acts as an air filter, making him impervious to the deadly rat plague.

Once fitted, he gives chase in a pulsating scramble across the rooftops which immediately brings to mind Assassin's Creed.

It's possible (although immensely difficult) to make it through to the end of Dishonored without ever killing anyone. This jerk had it coming, though. Again echoing Assassin's Creed, Corvo stalks his prey from above and when the moment comes, he leaps from his perch and drives a knife through his head, killing him in one fluid motion. Dead.