Diablo Cody does Rom-zom-com?


S creenwriter Diablo Cody has announced she is producing Breathers: A Zombie's Lament .

- based on a novel by SG Browne - is about Andy, a reanimated car-crash victim, pursuing Rita, a high-maintenance suicide victim.

The story follows Andy as he deals with the perils of adjusting to his new so-called 'life'.

Cody is said to be 'thrilled' with the screenplay by Geoff LaTulippe hoping to go into production ASAP.

"Zombie's are so hot right now," says Cody, sounding suspiciously like a character from one of her scripts, "but I like to think it’s about the personal side of being a zombie and being ostracized.”

Dead funny? Or dead in the water? Thoughts below please!


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